What is Codeffee?

Codeffee Cats

Have you ever drank 5 cups of coffee and ended up not doing any work? Were the skills required beyond your knowledge scope? Did you encounter an error 15 mins into it? You probably tried solutions from all over the net that you didn’t even understand.

And then tried to sleep after that brutal session, but the gallons of coffee you drank earlier didn’t allow you to. You wasted coffee!

Fortunately, that’s what Codeffee is here for, to help new developers with their code and save coffee.


Codeffee Development

Over my short years as programmer, I’ve seen the struggle that other students and new developers face trying to burn down the most basic tasks. In my attempt to eliminate this problem, I bought a tall can of monster and spend the whole night of September, 06 2017 developing this blog, concept and the logo. Now that I have all those in place with no one to sue me for the name and logo, I will be delivering the content in the next… I don’t know.

I’ll be posting common solutions for common programming errors. I’ll cover much on .NET C#, JavaScript, MEAN stack, WordPress, deployment and other technical concepts I feel will be useful to others. Let it be said that I’m a student developer too, I just spend a lot of time coding. And so with that said, remember not to have coffee first.

“Plan your development session, code, and then drink coffee”


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